Team of Highly Qualified & Experienced Professors.


We follow tough criteria for recruiting our lecturer staff. we give preference to post graduates and Ph.D. holders who have excel in their teaching career. They have five to maximum twenty years of teaching experience.

Quality Study Material


We design easy notes for the convenience of students. Most of the material taken from reference books which really adds value in their exams.

Fine Infrastructure.


Here, in EDUCATION CREED, we try to satiate the modern needs to avail students more convenient atmosphere for studies. Our class-rooms are well furnished and designed  to comfort students.

Library Facilities Available Freely


We have enormous quantity of reference books to fulfill our students with knowledge. For each subject, various books are available with question banks and ideal paper solution modules.

Students Centered and Exam Oriented Teaching


For each student, we have action plan to work on so that they should be able to enhance their score in each unit test and final board exams.

Personal Attention to Every Student.


Personal attention is given to every student. The purpose is to know the problem area of his or her studies and to allot them fine solution.

Chapter Wise Test


After the completion of every chapter, students have to appear for the test. The motive is to keep student upgrade with flow of syllabus.

Monthly Performance & Attendance Report is Sent to Parents


Monthly performance and attendance report is sent to parents so that they are well acquainted with students growth

Sessions for Revision


Revision sessions help students to recover the topics they missed and to get good score in their exams.

Doubt Clearing Sessions


After the completion of every chapter doubt clearing session is conducted by the teachers to bring perfection in students. Here students get chance to ask their queries and to find the solution.

Mock Tests


Mock tests are conducted to improve the performance of students. Here, students feel the atmosphere like exam center.

Using Highly Modified and Advance Technology  Gadgets.


We use highly modified and advance gadgets as a teaching tool to work out more effectively. It also helps to create students interest in their studies.

Topic Wise Group Discussions


Topic wise group discussion help students to improve their learning methods through which they can effectively understand the topics.

Stage Presentations


Stage presentation is a huge platform for students to deliver topics from their syllabus. It also enhances their confidence level.

 Personality Development Programmers.


Personal grooming sessions are conducted for the students to acquaint them with their potentials and to improve their social etiquettes.

 Motivational Programs by Management Trainers


We conduct motivational sessions for the students to knock down their pessimism and bring them into optimism.